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Her Viken Mates(8)

By:Grace Goodwin

“You have three mates,” Evon said, placing his palm on the side of my hip and offering a gentle squeeze. “And I would like to know how you say your name.”

“The report says, ‘Eye-zee-bee-la’?” Rager stood with a tablet of some sort in his hand, his brows drawn together in confusion. “I do not know this language.”

“I’m Bella. My name is Isabella Maria Santiago Martinez, but my friends call me Bella.”

“We are not your friends.” Evon spoke again, lifting a hand to stroke my cheek. “We are your mates. And you are Bella. Our Bella.”

I turned my head to look up at Liam who was watching me with complete acceptance of Evon’s words clearly written across his face. He had the gorgeous long black hair, like a Native American’s, sleek and smooth, almost blue beneath the industrial lighting. His eyes, several shades deeper than Evon’s, looked at me. No, he didn’t look. He didn’t stare. His gaze bore into me as if he could see more than just my face and the odd white dress I wore. I felt like he was peering into my very soul, stripping me bare without lifting a finger. Like he owned me.

Nearly panicked now, I shifted in his arms to find Rager walking toward us. He’d put the tablet down somewhere and all three men surrounded me once more. I searched his gaze for disagreement. Three big brutes like this would never share a woman where I came from. Frankly, I doubted they were capable of it. What if I preferred one over the other? What if I fell in love and the other two got jealous? What if they wanted to pass me around like property and they all had other mates, other women, hidden somewhere.

“Holy shit,” I muttered and tried to wiggle out of Liam’s grasp. I was in big trouble here. “Three? There was no mention of three. There must be some mistake. This will never work.”

Liam shook his head, squeezed me impossibly tighter to him and his eyes darkened with something that made me shiver, and not with heat. That look shocked me and made me feel safe at the same time. It was a look that said he’d kill to keep me, and protect me. “No, there is no mistake. Now that you are here, we are not letting you go.”

“But I was to be matched to the one man, the one alien, who was…um, supposed to be perfect for me.” I couldn’t hold his gaze, but when I looked away, Evon’s glacier-blue eyes were there, waiting to trap me.

His pale brow arched as he looked down at me. “You have been matched to the mates who are perfect for you.”

Rager grunted agreement and walked toward a large sliding door. Liam, with me in his arms, followed. Evon fell into step beside us. I wiggled in protest, but Liam didn’t even glance down at me, simply tightened his hold until I got the message.

No. I would not be walking yet.

I knew I should protest, but something inside me was unfurling from a long sleep, and that wicked, wicked woman wanted to know what it would be like to be with three of the hottest men she’d ever seen. Ever. She wanted to be between them, taking everything they could give her…even as she wondered just how much that was.

Liam continued to walk, but didn’t need to see where he was going. The hall was straight and Rager was in front of us, leading the way…to somewhere. Liam’s deep voice rumbled through my body and I settled in his arms, content. “You have three mates, Bella. Rager, Evon, me. We were tested and each of us matched to you. To us, you are the alien, and you are perfect.”

He was adamant—not just spouting bullshit he thought I wanted to hear—and because of this, I loved to hear his words. They were sweet to my ears, like a Shakespeare sonnet, but slightly ridiculous.

“You don’t even know me,” I countered. “Trust me, I’m far from perfect.”

Evon walked beside us down the wide hall. “We don’t know you, just as you don’t know us. This is true. But the testing makes things different. Even before I knew your name, I knew you would find all three of us attractive, that your pussy would be weeping in welcome even while meeting us for the very first time.”

I should have been appalled by his bold words. If some guy at a bar approached me and was audacious and arrogant enough to tell me my pussy was wet at the mere sight of him, I would have kneed him in the nuts.

But Evon was right, my pussy was wet. I was attracted to all three of them. Instantly. Could they smell my arousal? Was there a wet spot on the back of my outfit, this simple white nightgown-type dress? I knew I wasn’t wearing underwear. I could feel the smooth slide of the silky fabric over my bare bottom too well.

“Do not be upset by his bold words,” Liam reassured. “While Evon wasn’t particularly subtle, you must admit you liked his honesty. I will give you that honesty as well. While you find us appealing to your Earth-born senses, you have completely fascinated us. Can you not feel my hard cock against your hip?”