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Her Viken Mates(57)

By:Grace Goodwin

These three were mine. All mine.

If another Thalia ever came along, she’d better hope I wasn’t wearing my blaster.

I bounced on Evon’s cock, grinned when he groaned under me, his eyes fluttering closed with pleasure. I felt like a wild woman, a complete rogue. I didn’t recognize myself or the wildness coursing through me for my mates. Only for them.

My pussy was so wet, so eager for Evon. I was close to coming from his cock alone. I was used to the seed power now; his pre-cum seared through me, made me eager for my other two mates.

They thought they were claiming me, but they were wrong. Dead wrong.

I was claiming them. All three of them.

Pushing on Evon’s chest, I sat up and ground down on his cock until my ass rested on his thighs. Then I shifted, rolling my hips to grind my clit against him.

So good. God, so damn good.

“Liam. I need you,” I breathed. Yes, I felt empty without him playing with my ass, filling it. He’d made it so good for me the last time, I wanted more. I craved him there.

I didn’t have long to wait. In seconds, his hard hand was on the back of my neck, pushing me down so my ass would be up in the air, right where he needed it.

A warm rush of liquid filled me there, then his finger, working the oil into me, making sure I was ready. It was so much tighter with Evon in my pussy. I’d have both holes filled. It was going to be so tight.

Evon pulled me down to his mouth and thrust his tongue deep as Liam aligned his cock with my body.

“Bella. Gods, Bella,” Liam growled. “I love you.”

“I love you, too.” I reached behind me to grip his wrist where it rested on my hip. I squeezed and let go, so he’d know I meant it. His words made me hotter and my pussy clenched down on Evon’s length like a fist. But that tightness was keeping my other mate out, so I opened up, relaxed as best I could, as he pushed forward, sliding into me, filling me more than I’d ever been before.

A whimper escaped me as I adjusted to their sizes, the stretch and burn more than I’d anticipated, but so powerful, so right.

I lifted my head and rested my forehead on Evon’s so I could look into his ice-blue eyes, like twin flames. “I love you, Evon.”

“I love you, mate.”

They moved together, an orgasm building inside me as their pre-cum coated my inner walls. I clung to my control.

But I didn’t want it like this. Not without Rager.

“Rager.” All I did was turn my head and he was there, his huge cock swollen and ready, a drop of pre-cum glistening on the tip.

Now was the moment, but I needed to tell him how I felt. I’d been thinking about this for days as my mates pampered and fed me, held me and let me cry. They’d been my rocks, so patient and loving, they’d been more than I’d dared hope for. I loved them, all three of them, and they deserved to know that they’d won me over, heart and soul.

I looked up at him, just for a moment. “I love you, Rager.”

“Bella, my love.” He fisted his hand in my hair, his veins bulging from his temple as he watched my other two mates fuck me. “I love you, mate.”

I smiled and swallowed him down, using one arm to brace myself and the other to work the base of his shaft as I sucked and swirled my tongue around his cock.

They all groaned when I did, moving together until I couldn’t take any more. The seed power, their cocks, the pleasure they wrung from my body was too much.

I exploded into a million tiny pieces, but I let go, submitted myself body and soul, knew my mates would be there to catch me and put me back together. I was what held us together. I was what made us a family. And nothing would keep us apart.