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Her Viken Mates(5)

By:Grace Goodwin

I stood and sighed. We’d done the tests. I was the last of the three of us. Now we waited. And waited, because there was no way on Viken, or any other planet in the universe, that there was a female that loved to be fucked and sucked, controlled and commanded, bent over and completely claimed in public. Nor one who could put up with my impulsive nature, or Liam’s dark, brooding silences, or Evon’s need to be in control, command every detail of every moment, every encounter. He was relentless, the sun burning in a desert. He never stopped. Never rested.

Even if a female could satisfy us sexually, it would require a truly miraculous event to find a woman who could accept us as men, as true mates. No female could love all of us. To hope was a mistake. I realized that now.

“Then let’s get back to work,” I said. I wanted to go back to my quarters and take my hard cock in hand, get rid of this excess tension. I needed the dream wrung from my system, but that wasn’t going to happen. We had work to do.

“Yeah, we might have been tested, but a match? Fucking impossible. I should have told you two to find another third. I will ruin the chances for both of you.” Hearing those words from Evon made me depressed. Since he liked control, perhaps he was the most eager for the match. It was a logical step for a male his age. Mate. Procreate. Neat and tidy. It wasn’t so simple up North and it wasn’t so simple for Vikens who were attempting to mate as a trio. But Liam and I were also his age. Yes, we wanted a mate as well, one that all three of us would share, who would be perfect for us based on the Interstellar Brides Program matching, but we weren’t as jaded. Were we? The testing dream was fading, and so was the dream of a true match.

“Fuck,” I muttered.

“Impossible?” the doctor asked. “It seems not.” We’d all but forgotten about him. He turned to face us, excitement in his eyes. “No female in the universe to meet your every sexual need? Wrong. There is one.” He looked to Liam. “One willing to display her acceptance of what a Sector 1 mate can give.” Next he looked to Evon. “A woman willing to surrender control only those from Sector 2 demand.” Then he glanced my way. “Content to lie back and enjoy your brand of attention, Rager, from Sector 3.”

My heart skipped a beat even as my mind struggled to keep up with what he said. “Doctor?” I was shocked to discover my hands now shook.

He smiled. “Congratulations, warriors. You’ve been matched.”

Chapter Two

Isabella Martinez, Planet Viken, IQC Array, Transport Center

Warden Egara had said it would seem like a nap, the whole transporting across the universe thing. She asked me if I’d had my wisdom teeth pulled and I’d said yes. When I was fifteen, they’d put me to sleep and I’d woken up with gauze wedged in my cheeks, no memory of the two hours it took them to hack out my impacted molars. Thank god.

As I blinked now, I recalled that conversation and tried to figure out where I was. There was no weird, loopy drug in my system. No oral surgeon leaning over me with a light on his head, or the taste of blood in my mouth.

No. When I blinked my eyes open after being transported from the Miami Interstellar Brides Processing Center to Viken, I saw three large men all watching me with an intense interest that made me squirm.

Aliens. They were aliens.

And I was in a land far, far away from Earth.

They had to be aliens, or I really had been given some good drugs, because these three? They were hot. Like, ultra-smoking hot. Magazine-cover-supermodel-combined-with-lumberjack hot. And big, so big they towered over me, despite the fact that they were squatting down around me. Instead of lying in a dentist’s chair, I was sprawled out on the floor. I pushed up off the hard, unforgiving surface and they moved quickly, putting their hands on me to help me sit up.

I flinched at the unexpected contact, completely overwhelmed. They were so close. So intense. For a second, I felt like a bug under a microscope. First time in my life I’d ever felt sorry for an insect.

I glanced down, afraid I was covered in blood, or worse, naked. But I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw a modestly cut, flowing white gown covered me from neck to ankle. It clung to my curves like a second skin, sexy and innocent at the same time.

Looking down at the gorgeous dress for courage, I took a deep breath and lifted my gaze. Playing coy, or acting shy would do me no good. Not here. I’d just been transported halfway across the universe to marry and sleep with, say “I do, forever and ever” to a complete stranger, a man I’d never met. And Warden Egara had said something odd about my mates. As in more than one. But I’d just blinked and assumed I was hearing things.