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Her Viken Mates(2)

By:Grace Goodwin

“Mine.” I made sure she heard me as I lowered my lips to her clit—swollen and uncovered from the little hood of flesh—and sucked it into my mouth, flicking it with my tongue. Her taste exploded in my mouth and I groaned at the exquisite flavor of her sweet nectar. Sweet, spicy. Perfect. This was mine. All for me.

Working her with tongue and fingers, I brought her to the peak and stopped. Waited. Sucked and licked again. Harder. Faster.

When she was about to come, I slowed my pace and pulled my fingers from her, leaving her empty and aching. Desperate.

“Please!” She tried to move, but the restraints held her open to me. Her muscles quivered and shook. She could not resist. Could not escape.

My cock was eager. I looked down to discover I was already naked, a drop of pre-cum gathered on the tip of my hard length.

With a grin, I gathered the liquid and stood.

“Are you ready, mate?”

“Yes! Gods, hurry. Fuck me. Do it!”

I chuckled. So eager, my little mate.

With her rich essence lingering on my tongue, I pushed forward in one smooth thrust, filling her with my cock as she moaned, her pussy muscles clamping down on me like a hot fist.

But that wasn’t enough. I needed her to come all over my hard cock. I wanted to feel her pussy spasm, out of control as her pleasure took her. To feel her juices coat me as she took me deeper, milked me of my seed.

Buried deep, I lifted my finger and rubbed the drop of pre-cum all over her perfect little clit and watched. Waited.

Seconds later she screamed. The walls of her pussy rippled and pulsed as an orgasm rolled through her. Her nipples were hard, erect little tips and I pulled them gently, rolling them between my fingers as I jerked my hips, pushing harder, deeper as her body exploded around me.

Mine. She was mine. Only I could do this to her. Only I could bring her such pleasure.

With a roar of my own I pumped into her, drawing out her orgasm as more pre-cum coated the inside of her pussy, driving her to the edge again, binding her to me, making her mine.

My body responded to hers as if she were the one with all the power. I thrust into her, nearly mindless, the taste of her heightening my instinct to conquer, claim. Fill her with my seed. My child inside her. My cum. My mate.

Fire built in my blood, centered in my balls as tension built, then exploded. I bellowed as I filled her with my seed, marking her like an animal.

I felt like an animal. Mindless. Wild. Out of control.

Only she could do this to me. And I wanted more. Needed more. Only she made me feel whole.

Pain and pleasure. Lust and love. Obsession and protection. A dozen emotions warred within my body as I filled her, claimed her.

I lowered my lips to her sweat-damp body, to kiss and explore. To ease and worship. I wanted to taste her skin. Nuzzle her. Comfort her. I needed to be gentle now as badly as I’d needed to be wild moments ago.

The urge was nearly painful, my heart squeezing in my chest, pain gathering behind my eyes like hot daggers that burned.

Her skin was so close. Inches away. I was inches away from paradise…


The voice was hard and cold, a man’s voice. Not what I wanted to hear. I wanted her. Her skin. Her scent. Her touch…

“By the gods, Rager. I knew you were going to be a pain in the ass.”

Something sharp stabbed me in the neck and the woman faded instantly from my vision. I hissed at the bite of pain, opened my eyes to see who dared bother me. With a clarity all the more cruel for its contrast to what I’d just experienced, I found myself strapped to a cold, hard exam table in the medical center. The sharp, bitter taste of whatever medication had just been injected into my bloodstream flooded my mouth.

With that taste came memory. Reality.

“Damn it, Doctor. That’s disgusting.” I was angry, furious. The foreign taste of chemicals drove the lingering flavor of sweet pussy from my mind completely. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get her honeyed nectar back on my tongue.

I heard a door open and two sets of heavy boots entered the room.

I knew without looking those boots belonged to Evon and Liam. My friends and brothers-in-arms. The fools who’d talked me into this. The damn chair. The dream.

The doctor slapped me on the arm like we were old friends, pushed a button to retract the restraints and walked away. “Welcome back, Rager.”

I rolled my head around on my neck as the manacles were removed from my arms and ankles, stretching, trying to regain some sense of control when all I could think about was pussy. Hot. Wet. Heaven both on my tongue and around my cock. “I didn’t want to come back.”

The doctor chuckled. “No one ever does.”

I sat up as Evon and Liam both came to a stop a few feet in front of me. Loomed over me so I had to look up. I was bigger than both of them, but the testing chair made me feel small, made me feel fucking vulnerable.