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Her Viken Mates(10)

By:Grace Goodwin

Liam and Rager both nodded agreement as Evon motioned them forward.

“Kiss her, Rager. Everywhere, just like you want to. Fill that hot mouth of hers with your cock. Liam, her ass is yours. Make sure she’s ready.”

“Um—” I said, not getting anything else out. Kiss her everywhere? My ass belonged to Liam? “Uh…”

“Fuck, Evon. I knew you were going to start giving orders,” Liam complained, but he was grinning as he did so, as he turned me to the side so he could grab my wrists, lower them and hold them behind my back.

Restrained, panting, I knew that if I were a good girl I’d tell them to stop. Ask more questions. Take my time and get to know them before we had what amounted to an all-out orgy. No, an orgy meant everyone would have sex with everyone else. The way Evon was talking, they were all going to have sex with me.

But as Evon’s hands cupped my bare breasts, Liam’s commanding grip on my wrists reminded me that I was theirs now, theirs to conquer, theirs to fuck, and that knowledge broke me open as raw need flooded every cell of my body. I moaned. God, I couldn’t hold it in. Was it this simple? Were they going to give me exactly what I needed, even when I wasn’t exactly sure what that was anymore?

Liam climbed up on the bed behind me, tugging my hair with his free hand to expose my neck to his kiss. He kicked my legs wide and I fell back against him, completely under his control as Rager leaned forward and licked my pussy, lingering on the hard nub of my clit.

All thoughts of living by Earth’s standards fled. To hell with that.

It seemed I was being claimed and there wasn’t a damn thing I wanted to do about it.

Chapter Three

Evon, Planet Viken, Northern Array, Personal Quarters

Our mate was stunning. And responsive. Rager had his head between her thighs and she was panting, her nipples tightening beneath my palms.

Gods, it was unbelievable. A female, sent from across the universe, and she was absolutely perfect for us. I’d doubted the matching, the testing, but no longer. I knew nothing of the planet Earth, whether she was of normal size, but to me, she was small. At least a foot shorter than any of us, it would be easy to overwhelm her. Harm her even. Her body was lush and curvy and I could discern supple muscles beneath her soft skin. She’d be equally soft everywhere, I was sure.

And the marks, the designs that were colorful and covered her arm, along one hip, I couldn’t help but touch the delicate petals of a flower, the curved edge of a flying creature’s wing. Rager pulled back and she whimpered, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand as he watched me. Bella sucked in a breath as I drew the tip of my finger over the patterns, ever so gently. Swirls of reds and blues, black and green. Some kind of Earth animal with wings, vines and flowers. A name? I pressed harder, to see if the color would bleed, but no.

“A tattoo,” she said, her voice barely above a whisper. “It’s ink, beneath my skin.”

Liam and Rager looked, too. Intrigued.

“We do not have this…tattoo. I know of other planets who mark their bodies, but not with color or patterns such as these.” I looked from the mark on her hip to her dark eyes. “What animal is this?”

She bit her lip and I knew then she enjoyed the barest of touches as I circled my finger. Even the littlest things were pleasing for her, and she hadn’t even been affected by the seed power yet. The way her hips were shifting, Rager had done an excellent job of making her aroused, needy even. His mouth still glistened with her juices and I saw the way her thighs were slick.

“A butterfly.”

Rager repeated the word as he leaned down, kissed the image on her skin. When she sucked in a breath this time, I watched as her breasts rose. I’d held them in my palms, heavy and full, but I’d become easily mesmerized by a simple tattoo.

“You have distracted me, mate.”

She arched a brow, as if confused to how she’d done such a thing.

“I like control,” I added.

Liam smiled at that, as if the three-word sentence was too modest to describe how I liked to fuck. It wasn’t just me. Everyone from Sector 2 demanded submission from their mates. It was in my blood. Because of the testing, it proved that Bella needed to submit.

“Do you like having your hands pinned by Liam?”

I saw her arms jerk as she tested his grip on her wrists, watched her pupils dilate knowing she wasn’t getting free. We’d release her, of course, if she panicked, but that wasn’t what I saw in her gaze. No, it was the complete opposite.

“I see you do. We will take you, push you, make you come. With three mates, there are many needs you must meet. Will want to meet.”