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From Shy Guy To Ladies Man

By:Chris Bale

From Shy Guy To Ladies Man

The Memoirs Of A Male Seducer

The following is an unorganized mind-dump of seduction stories, old diary posts and epiphanies from author, dating coach, acupuncturist and internal masculine development coach Chris Bale, of www.masculineintent.com

The following stories stem from a direct manifestation of all the seductive qualities, which Chris teaches step by step in his book:

The Gentleman’s Guide To Effortless Seduction

You will learn and grow endlessly just by reading the individual journal entries, which have went on to help educate and inspire thousands of men who have been following Chris’s message over the previous years. Your mind/reality will be bent and widened. Once you see the truth, you cannot forget. Action is the only way forward.

My Rockstar Diary

Women & Sex will not save you.

As men, our ability to have a certain level of control over our sex and love life, in many ways, defines who we are. This is entirely evident in the ever growing popularity of the toxic "pick-up community".

Men all around the world come together on internet forums, YouTube, local lair groups etc, all in the hopes of improving their life. There is endless dedication and passion thrown at the prospect of getting better with women, and the desired outcome is fantasized about.

Hopefully I am going to be the prick that bursts your dream like bubble right now before we delve into the practical aspects of this book, as understanding this, will gain you much more peace and happiness in your journey.

I took the fall for you so to speak, and fell down the rabbit hole, DEEP!

It does not matter HOW good you get with women, it will not complete you or grant you eternal happiness! You are in charge of that!

I have been on this road for many years, starting from a clueless rock bottom, and proceeded to drag myself through the social and sexual trenches in order to get where I have reached today.

Like many of the guys I coach, I immediately put all my eggs into the 'get good with hot girls' basket and everything will be rosy.

I dedicated the majority of my previous years to this area...seduction. Fucking the holy grail so to speak.

Now, what you must realise is that, sure, it pays off.

Initially it improves your internal happiness and self image. You begin to reap the benefits of your masculine ambition, self trust in your ability, and proficiency, which you can begin to apply in other areas of your life.

But...suddenly...without purpose...the happiness haults.

I naturally have always had quite an addictive personality that I must continuously keep in check. I would very much obsessively do something to death, where everything else falls by the wayside.

Personally, I was very bad with girls for most of my learning as I was adopting shit principles, weak beliefs/tactics, and poor mentors.

Eventually, when I found my feet naturally, I went absolutely hell for leather. Like, seriously, I drowned myself in pussy for about 2 years, which is now somewhat of post orgasmic blur...and I am still weaning myself off it to reach a healthier level, slowly.

Nothing else mattered.

Approach. Seduce. Fuck

Approach. Seduce. Fuck

Approach. Seduce. Fuck

Approach. Seduce. Fuck

Approach. Seduce. Fuck

Approach. Seduce. Fuck

Approach. Seduce. Fuck

So on and so forth.

I would wake up many a morning in a clusterfuck of confusion, laying next to my most recent conquest, or in some instances conquests.

My ego felt raw and powerful, significant, instinctually driven, and as masculine as Conan the barbarian standing on top of the dragon he just slayed, victorious, ready to move onto his next battle.

This of course was coming from a weak place, attempting to fill a hole, by filling her hole(funny eh?)

I continued to fuck my way through a sexual haze of 100, then to 200, then to 'more' women (I shall never reveal the number I stopped counting at), which spiralled out of control very quickly.

I remember it very vividly. I awoke one morning, with a beautiful Swedish yoga instructor, laying naked, and draped around me in a contortion like fashion. This was my Mecca which I had worked so hard for.

'Well done Chris', I thought.

This is it! You have arrived at your destination in life. Is it everything you imagined?


AS I reached down to the side of the bed gasping for water, only a glass bottle of half drank beer met my hand...fuck it...I swigged the warm beer anyway, tossed her arm off me, sat on the edge of the bed, and lit a cigarette. It was 4pm...and the hot sun was piercing through the towels I had used to block out the light from the windows. Where the fuck had the day went!?

This was a normal daily occurrence.

I woke her up, put her in a taxi, and sent her to the airport where she was meeting her family. All my work. All my passion. All my dedication to achieving my fantasies, and how do I feel? Unfulfilled, sad, and like I was fucking lied to...But, by who?


Something happens to those who get very used to sharing the company of beautiful women, in an over indulgent way; innocence is lost, and the rawness of reality hits home.

The matrix of social brainwashing becomes magnified, and you realise that all those rom-coms, fairytale endings, and what we are told we need in order to be happy is all complete bullshit!

Here I lay with a woman who had just allowed me to crop dust her naked breasts and torso with my ejaculate, set to be wed to her partner of 9 years in 3 days time, and I'm that fucking guy!

The unfortunate realization is this IS reality. At least at that moment in time it felt unfortunate. I was not in a healthy place, mind or body.

At this point in my life I was an utter slave to my new found desires with no say in the matter. I was weak. I was drunk on sexual conquests that consumed me on every level. It dictated my daily interactions and intentions.

I woke up...seduced....fucked...slept. Also adding in drinking, sporadical drug use, and general unhealthy chaos.

I do not, and never will pretend to be the guru like poster boy for self improvement as it simply does not exist. We are all human here.

I have never partaken in self improvement, only self destruction, which I feel is the only method of transcending from one state of being to reach another.

Thankfully, my meditative practices never left me even within the sexual blur phase, so I always had at least one baby toe on the ground, stopping me from taking a very detrimental flight into the addictive abyss.

So, why am I sharing this with you?

I am sharing this with you because I want to make you aware as quickly as possible, wherever you are in your journey, that the notion of generating eternal happiness via an external source, i.e. women and sexual gratification alone, does not exist.

If I can burst your bubble of a perfectly perfect existence once you sleep with this many girls, or learn this many tricks, then I have achieved my goal in this article.

Without balance, moderation, and a defining purpose that is NOT based on your success with women, you will not be fulfilled as a man.

Purpose comes BEFORE women always. Being amazing with women and fucking everyone attractive in sight will not grant you a life of satisfaction.

You are more than seduction.

So, have I completely changed and converted to the local parish priest? Hell no!

This morning I was woken up by an 18 year old eastern European girl giving me a blowjob, and being completely honest, I still find myself in these situations a few times a week, although now, they are coming from a healthier, fulfilled place.

I am for the most part aware enough to be somewhat in control of my desires. I will never have full control over something as powerful and significant as animalistic desire, so I make do with what I currently achieve.

I am Happy!

Because once the lust is complete, focus enters my mind and my passion and purpose in life takes over. It is now my main governing system.

I begin with meditation, then begin work on my purpose; be it coaching, treating patients with acupuncture, teaching meditation, or DJing.

Women alone, will not fix you. BUT, if you can use what you are learning to get more experience with women AND focus on your purpose and passions in life...you my friend, will be a happy, healthy man!

I have all the sexual debauchery of the previous years, the difference being, it is grounded firmly in who I am, and what I stand for as a man.

I hope this can save you from your false expectation!

How I Went From Lovable Loser to Dating 3 Women a Week

10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...HAPPY NEW YEARRRRR!

I was in a room full of people, 'friends', acquaintances, women and men. As everyone celebrated with each other, kisses were shared, hugs were delivered, and there I stood, completely alone. Although I did not want to make people sick with how sad it was, so I slapped a giant grin across my face as I was so used to doing, to hide the sadness and depression which governed my life at that time.

I rang in 2010 with a deep and profound realization...'I do not fucking care anymore'

I spent the previous years of my life under immense stress to be 50 different people, depending on what I felt would make the individual like me the most. I had completely lost any idea of who I was, or who I might be. This resulted in my immune system packing in, and getting very ill on a regular basis with swollen glands in my neck. I put this down to all the frustration and anger towards life building up in my throat.