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Bought and Sold(9)

By:Tessa Valmur

As one of them held her head down the other lifted her hips back and up and she felt his shaft grind up against her pussy. Without any hesitation the youth rammed his tool into her, then with her body impaled upon his shaft, he slid his hand between the globes of her arse, found her anus with his thumb and forced it remorselessly into her, making her howl in response.

'English girl do this before?'

Zoe shook her head negatively, as she felt the youth's thumb working around her rectum forcing the muscle to soften.

'You learn to enjoy this. We will do this now everyday with you!'

The thought poured molten through her imagination and Zoe sighed through the gag as she came, her orgasm taking her by surprise by its suddenness and its intensity. She gasped through the steel ring that held her jaws forcibly open as the youth's cock was pulled quickly out of her pussy. Without pause, the thumb was withdrawn from her rectum and she felt the head of his shaft pressing against her anus. With one determined and assured thrust the youth sunk the length of his shaft into her body.


'English bitch like it, yes?'

Zoe gasped as the cock was withdrawn then rammed into her again with even more determination. To her shame she felt her body responding, the heat quickly building again within her as she remained knelt and bent over, her buttocks obediently thrust high for the youth's pleasure.

'English bitch soft now. You like it. Raoul gives you good time. Real good time!'

'Uuhh... uhh...'

Zoe thrust her arse backwards, squirming as the cock sank into her again. She closed her eyes, panting hard through the gag as a fresh climax built inside her then erupted with an intensity that left her too dazed to care what happened next. She sank her cheek down into the sand, felt hands grasping her hips, felt her anus being filled again and again. A long shuddering sigh escaped her and closing her eyes she focused on the sensation of having her slim body being anally fucked and she wondered dreamily why she'd never consented to trying it before.

Chapter Three

Zoe gasped as she felt the Arab youth withdraw his cock from her body. Physically exhausted and emotionally in turmoil she knelt, bound and dazed from her ordeal. She'd always enjoyed being in control when it came to sex and her boyfriends always did as she told them. Now for the first time in her life she'd been anally fucked and to her shame she'd enjoyed the experience which had brought her repeatedly to orgasm. The youth stepped back, grinning with satisfaction and handing his partner the leather cords bound into her hair. Panting hard through the steel rods that gagged her mouth by forcing her jaws wide, she grunted in discomfort as the second youth tightened his grip on the leash that controlled her as he prepared to mount her. With her wrists clipped to the collar about her throat, her head forced down and her rump exposed for the taking there was nothing she could do stop him, even had she wanted to, she admitted to herself.

Her slender body ached terribly from the cruel whipping and the ruthless assault upon her had left her dazed and aching. But aching for what, a treacherous voice inside her asked.

The grip around her slim waist was tightened then she felt the youth's cock slide into the crevice between her cheeks. Finding her anus, the engorged shaft drove into her with one ruthless thrust. Zoe gave up struggling and knelt submissively while the youth took his time satisfying himself inside her. By now her rectum muscles were more pliant and the channel itself was lubricated with sperm so the cock slid in and out of her with a rhythmical ease that soon brought Zoe to a fresh climax that sent shudders of satisfaction through her body until she was awash with a mixture of pain and pleasure.

By the time the youth had finished with her, Zoe was half-senseless and lay helplessly before them. A pair of hands grasped the cords in her hair and lifted her from the floor. Another pair of hands lifted her by her ankles. Zoe groaned as they dragged her back across to the bench. She felt she had no strength left now to offer any resistance and soon she was on her back, strapped down onto the bench. Tears were rolling down her cheeks as she turned her head from side to side, gazing at her outstretched arms. She craned her head up, gazing disconsolately as she saw her spread-eagled legs; leather tight around her ankles, strapped down onto the bench.

'Nuhh...'Zoe shook her head in protest as a hand stroked between her spread legs and a thumb brushed over her swollen sex that ached now terribly to the touch, so continually aroused was she.

'English girl wet. Wet and hot. You like this?'

Zoe shook her head in vigorous denial, sighing and tossing her head from side to side as the older of two lads, massaged her vulva with his fingers. How could she deny it when her body betrayed her, she wondered? Already she no longer felt shocked that such torment sexually excited her and as she writhed helplessly, strapped down on the bench, she wondered shamefully how she could take such pleasure from what she was being subjected to.

'Look, English girl, see what we have for you.'

She opened her eyes and gazed up at what Sayed was holding. The shiny metal clamps made her stomach churn and through the gag she whimpered nervously, shaking her head and imploring them with her eyes not to go ahead with what they were about to do to her.

Writhing then struggling frantically Zoe felt the youth take hold one of her outer folds of delicate pussy flesh. With the fingers of both hands he stretched the exposed frond of pink flesh.

'Now, my brother, clamp her.'

Zoe gulped down the saliva in her mouth, raising her head and craning to see what was being done to her. The steel rods meant she could only manage a stifled groan of alarm. She shook her head in protest, gasping then whimpering as the clamp was tightened around one delicate fold of her labia, then she hung her head back, tears running down her cheeks as they fastened a second clamp onto her other outer labia. Raoul stroked down her slim leg, as she writhed helplessly against the sensation.

'You enjoy. You like, yes?'

Zoe tossed her head from side to side, her slim, tethered body twisting urgently against the straps that held her down as Sayed applied pressure, gently at first, then more forcefully, pulling the clamps and stretching her labia.

Satisfied with the effect they were achieving, Sayed proceeded to clip small weights hung from fine jewellery chains to the clamps. Zoe groaned with dismay as Raoul lifted her head so that she was made to see what they were doing. The weights lay with the coiled chains on the edge of the bench just beyond her crotch. Raoul exchanged a glance with his brother and he nodded his encouragement. Sayed then brushed the weights off the edge of the bench.


Zoe gave an agonised cry through the gag as she was forced to watch the weights fall from the bench. Her legs tensed then twisted frantically as the weights dangled down between her spread thighs, the sensation of her labia being pulled made her frantic and as she jerked and twisted her body she felt herself coming to orgasm.

She shook her head in denial but already her back was arching, her arms twisting as the sensation in her sex washed over her whole body. She pulled desperately against the restraints around her ankles as her orgasm continued. Raoul was stroking his fingers over her swollen sex lips and her hips bucked madly, her head tossing from side to side, as she came repeatedly. Her long hair was tangled over her perspiration soaked face.

She looked imploringly at the two youths standing over her, groaning feverishly as one tapped the weights lightly, making the fine chains swing back and forth and increasing the sensation of her labia being pulled. She craned her head up to see her breasts rising and falling and looked imploringly at the youths leering at her. Please stop this, she begged in her mind, certain that she couldn't bear anymore.

'You like, yes?'

Zoe shook her head frantically but it was too late; her body had already betrayed her. She glanced down at her tethered body, her slim arms and slender legs tightly bound with leather restraints. If she wasn't rescued, she could be here forever, subjected to this sort of treatment every day... she shook her head in dismay at the thought, telling herself that she had to escape. There was no way she would let herself become a slave to this.

Her sex was slick with her juices running down the stretched folds of her labia. Zoe closed her eyes, her back arched and she moaned faintly through the gag. She had to escape, she wasn't going to accept this as her fate. She forced her mind to remember who she was and what had brought her to this country. She was a British Secret Service agent, she wasn't going to end up as some sex slave, bound and gagged for the amusement of some man! She would get her revenge on Sir Rodney Stonefield, there was no way she would allow herself to accept this as her fate!

'Enjoying yourself, English girl?' Sayed asked, 'then we give you more pleasure, yes?'

Zoe opened her eyes and focused on the youth in front of her. Dragged from her thoughts by the voice, she felt with renewed sharpness the tugging sensation upon her sex as the smaller, inner folds of her sex were now caught between finger and thumb and teased and tormented. She shook her head and snarled in protest but Sayed laughed and continued toying with her sex, encouraging the flesh to swell under his fingers.

'Get two more clamps, chains and weights, brother. The bitch obviously wants it.'

Zoe tried to thrash her legs in objection but they were held at full stretch and her efforts only served to make her tormentors laugh. The bastards! Just wait till she could get even with them! She would have them begging, she vowed.