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Bought and Sold(8)

By:Tessa Valmur


Zoe flinched; jerking against the tight leather around her wrists and ankles as the crop hit her again on the other thigh.

'The inside of her thighs, Sayed, but not too hard, not yet anyway. Let her get used to the feel of the whip first,' ordered Stonefield.

The youth obeyed and Zoe suffered two more strokes, one on each leg.

'Higher up Sayed, close to her pert little arse.'

Zoe grunted as the crop hit her several more times.

'Give her six more on each leg. Make all the blows close together on the inside of her thighs.'

'Ow! Stop! Please...' Zoe cried out shaking her head as a dozen blows rained down unremittingly on her thighs.

'How are we feeling now, Miss Farquerson?'

Zoe lifted her head and blinking back the tears, looked up defiantly at the man who stood over her.

'You better make the most of this,' she warned, 'when I get out of here, you haven't...'

'Get out of here?' laughed Stonefield scornfully. 'Dear girl, you will only leave this tower when I've become bored with watching you suffer. Then I shall sell you for a decent price to one of the desert nomad chieftains and you'll spend the rest of your days as a sex slave. You can forget about escape or your old life. You have no life now, except as a pretty young body to suffer for the gratification of whoever owns you. You've obviously enjoyed your time as an interrogator for the Secret Service; now its time for you to learn how it feels to be on the receiving end! Sayed, it's time to see how sensitive her thighs are now. She if she's ready for a gentle massage.'

Zoe glanced over her shoulder, through her tousled hair, as the youth discarded the crop and swung his body easily over hers, so he could sit down astride the small of her back. Zoe felt his hands settle over her thighs and then his thumbs began pressing deeply into the delicate inside of her thighs.

'Ooww! No! Stop, it hurts! Please!' she begged, the tears now streaming down her cheeks as his thumbs pressed into the muscles of her legs where the crop had repeatedly hit her.

'I think her legs need more attention,' mused Stonefield, 'Give her a dozen more strokes. Then after that we can try something more interesting!'

Zoe cried out as the crop struck her thigh again.

'That's it Sayed, get those shapely leg muscles of hers nice and soft. After all she doesn't need to be able to stand up for what we've got planned for her!'

'No! Stop... enough!' she begged as blow upon blow rained down on her thighs. The sharp cracks of leather on flesh and her answering shrieks echoed round the chamber. It seemed as if her inner thighs were on fire, white heat flaring up into her crotch and even as each blast of pain struck her she was aware of her pussy lips swelling and her vagina fluttering and moistening.

When the beating was finally over she was left too dazed, confused and weak to pay any attention to what was about to happen next.

'I think that's enough for now,' said Stonefield, 'you took your first thrashing well, Miss Farquerson; now it's time for your reward. Get her harnessed Sayed.'

Zoe pleaded in vain as one of the youths gathered up her long hair and held it with both hands while the other youth straddled her back, a long leather cord in his hands. Zoe choked back the tears as the youth holding her hair then spilt it into two handfuls and began to plait her hair, while his accomplice wove the leather cord into each twist and fold of hair.

When they had finished, the younger one danced around the bench with a childish satisfaction at what they'd accomplished. His slightly older companion, sat astride Zoe's back and pulled experimentally on the leather cord. Zoe grunted in discomfort as her head was drawn progressively further back.

'Well done lads, a nicely harnessed little filly ready to be given her first proper ride,' laughed Stonefield. 'Before we let her loose, I'd slip the dental gag into her pretty little mouth, just in case she tries to bite. Not all English girls appreciate being taken up the arse.'

'You can't do this to me!' blurted Zoe, as she heard with dismay what was to befall her next.

'Oh, we can, Miss Farquerson... and I think if you allow yourself, you may even find you enjoy the experience,' laughed the Englishman

Zoe swore and snarled in protest like a wild animal caught in a trap but she was unable to stop them carrying out their orders. Her head was reined back by one youth pulling on the cord woven into her hair then the other youth coaxed the sprung steel of the gag into her mouth. When he released his grip Zoe felt the metal bars expand in her mouth, forcing her jaws acutely wide. She was left with her mouth forced open; the pencil thick rolled steel forming an open circle and extending in two U-shaped lengths down each side of her mouth.

Zoe gurgled frantically for them to take it out, certain that she couldn't bear it a second longer as the sensation made her want to choke. The gag though made her pleading incoherent and brought only smiles of amusement from her tormentors.

'What a satisfying sound that is,' commented Stonefield dryly, 'a bitch on heat who's so excited she can't even get her words of encouragement out properly.'

Zoe looked imploringly at the man standing over her as he nodded affirmatively to one of the youths, who picked up a broad, leather collar from the table.

The leather was wrapped around her slim neck and the buckles fastened tight. The collar, which was very broad, pressed against her collarbone and up under her chin. She saw the gleam of excitement in the eyes of the young man as he secured the collar around her. She'd never had anal sex before and she knew she was about to experience no gentle introduction. The two youths were obviously madly aroused and the thought of them taking her in turn made her stomach churn and the sweat pour from her body. Part of her desperately wanted to escape what was about to befall her now but another part of her was eager with nervous expectation. Of course, she'd never admit to it, but the thought of being taken like this stirred some primal desire in her.

'Okay Sayed, clip her wristcuffs to the collar.'

Zoe grunted through the gag as each of her arms were unfastened from the bench in turn, then clipped to the steel rings fastened at either side of the collar.

'If I was you I'd give her a few more strokes with the crop just to soften her up a bit more for you.'


Zoe cried out as the leather crop came down hard again on her thighs which already felt so tender the slightest touch made her eyes smart with tears.

'Just a few more strokes Zoe then we're going to free you from the bench. I'm going to go upstairs for some mint tea and a rest. You'll be welcome to join me, if you would like to. Or of course if you'd rather, you can stay here and let the lads take it in turns to shaft that pert little rump of yours.'


The beating continued; a rhythmic pounding over her thighs and buttocks, until her whole body felt awash with the pain.

'If you don't follow me upstairs, I'll assume you want to stay and play with the lads. Doubtless a randy little bitch like you likes nothing better. Sayed, untie her and let her make her choice,' ordered Stonefield casually as he turned and walked away from the bench. Zoe watched him disappear up the spiral stone stairs as the cords that held her anklecuffs to the bench were unknotted and removed.

Zoe tried unsuccessfully to use the fingers of one hand to unfasten the bulldog clip that held her other wrist clasped against the leather collar. Her wrists though were secured at either side of the collar and it was impossible to reach behind her neck with her fingers far enough to work the catch on the clip free. Glancing up she saw that Stonefield had disappeared from sight. The stone stairs were no more than fifteen feet away so she slid herself from the bench determined at least make an effort to follow the man.

With her first step her leg buckled under her, her thigh unable to take any weight after its treatment with the riding crop. Collapsing onto the sand floor Zoe had to put her elbows out to break her fall as protect her face. Winded, her thighs aching and her legs feeling like jelly, she tried to haul herself back to her feet.

'Where you think you going, English girl?'

A sharp jerk on the cord that was plaited into her hair dragged her backwards off balance and she fell again into the sand as a voice called down the open stairs after her.

'Are you coming then Miss Farquerson, or have the lads persuaded you to stay?'

Zoe looked up at the Arab youths that were circling her. What would it be like, being anally fucked, she wondered, hauling herself to her feet and lurching towards to the stairs. After two stumbling steps her legs gave from under her again and she dropped to her knees. She remembered a girlfriend saying how she had got to enjoy it, surely then... a sharp pull on the cord in her hair sent her falling backwards, momentarily obliterating her thoughts as she came down onto the sand floor with a hard bump.

'Time for English girl to have good fuck!'

'Nuhh...' Zoe groaned in protest as she was dragged away from the stairs on her elbows and knees by the older youth pulling the cords that were knotted in her hair. The other, she saw, had already discarded his cut-off jeans and was grinning madly as he watched her being led like a dog on a leash by his friend.

'Bend down now bitch. Open legs!'

Her thighs felt so delicate she could offer no resistance as hands easily drew her legs apart. For a moment the two young lads hesitated and kneeling between them Zoe looked up, panting and wild faced as she waited expectantly for what she knew would happen next. She felt a hand touch between her legs and fingers sliding wetly over her sex and she realized that she was moist with arousal. She looked up, suddenly hungry eyed and stared at the youth silently encouraging him. The youth grinned and slid one finger deep inside her. Zoe sighed with pleasure, pushing herself back against his hand.