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Bought and Sold(6)

By:Tessa Valmur

'Well at least you now know that he is out there, Director.'

'That was the whole idea behind sending the Farquerson girl out. She was the bait. We guessed he was out there, skulking around as some shadowy advisor to the King. This pretty much proves it. Stonefield obviously couldn't resist the chance to get even with the girl for her part in his downfall over here.'

'But we still can't prove he's there and now we've lost the girl,' observed the woman.

'Well, Miles reckons that the El-Saram Internal Security is holding her. Chances are Stonefield is watching her being tortured by Internal Security and he'll love every minute of it. All we need to do is find the girl and we should find Stonefield into the bargain. Miles thinks she's still in the airport and he's got the place under surveillance. Of course we can't be seen to have anything to do with what happens, so Miles has employed a local mercenary to steal her back.'

'And meantime; hope that the poor girl isn't suffering too much,' said the woman. 'What if she talks?'

'All the information and names we've fed her about the underground pro-democracy movement out there is a load of nonsense.'

'But that won't stop her being tortured.'

'Obviously. And I dare say when they find out she's been leading them up the garden path they'll not be too amused either. Let's hope by then we've got her back or else she'll really be in for a rough ride!'

The man glanced down at a file of papers lying open beside the letter. The topmost sheet gave a concise resume of the career of Zoe Farquerson to date. After three years as a desk girl with the British Secret Service she had been moved to SES. This unit, established quite recently, comprised a handful of young women from the ranks of the Secret Service who were all extremely attractive. They were trained to act under cover, seducing then extracting secrets from enemies of the state. Hence SES: Seduce and Extract Secrets. Attached to the sheet by a paperclip was a photograph of the young woman. He stared at the picture for a moment then flicked over the top sheet. More information about her followed, along with another photograph. In the first the petite, dark haired girl was shown demurely posing in a smart jacket and skirt. In the second photo she was wearing a tight mini-skirt and a skimpy dark blue top that exposed her arms and her stomach. The photo was drenched in sunlight and the girl was grinning, tilting her head to one side, pretending to be eating a bunch of grapes which she held one handed above her head. The Ambassador scrutinized the photograph more closely. The girl's long, dark hair was tousled about her face and bare shoulders. Grape juice was smeared down over her neck and collarbone. The look she was giving whoever had taken the photograph was provocative, to say the least. Her skirt was so short it barely covered the swell of her rump and her generous breasts jutted against the tight material of her skimpy top. Some notes in the dossier told him the photo had been taken by a boyfriend whilst she was on holiday a few years earlier. The file listed all her boyfriends and by twenty-six she had clocked up dozens. Zoe Farquerson was evidently an active young girl!

'Perhaps you'll excuse me Mrs. MacDonald, I have some notes to work on for tomorrow's meeting with the PM's Secretary.'

'Of course Director. I'll not put any calls through to you until you give me the all clear.'

Edgar Sutherland waited until the woman had shut the door behind her then he opened a desk drawer, took out a videotape and slid it into the player. Pressing a button on the remote on his desk, a panel of fake bookshelves slid away and a television screen flickered into life. He glanced again at the notes written on the tape box. "Surveillance film: SES: agent Farquerson/ Rodney Stonefield seduction. Hidden camera, Belgravia Hotel, Suite 17."

On the television screen the girl entered a large, lavishly furnished bedroom followed closely by a suited man in his late middle age. Edgar Sutherland fast-forwarded the tape, which he'd already watched all the way through once. Champagne, kisses and fondling led to the couple undressing each other and the girl, still in her skimpy underwear, encouraging the man to lie down on the bed. It took only a moment with fast-forwarding the tape. Even at real speed, it had happened quickly, mused Sutherland, as he watched his young agent persuading the man to lie still for her. Sutherland kept his thumb over the fast forward while the girl could be seen coaxing the man to allow her to tie him up. She used the sashes from two towelling bathrobes to tie his hands to the opposite corners of the bedhead and then she used her stockings to bind his ankles to the bottom corners of the four-poster. At this point Sutherland cancelled the fast-forward and pressed the play button.

The young girl looked down thoughtfully at the man tied spread-eagled on the bed before her. She wore delicate, ivory silk panties with a matching camisole that hung down over her large but firm young breasts and left her taut stomach exposed. Her long fingernails, varnished a deep burgundy, skimmed slowly over the man's thighs and he sighed in frustrated anticipation as her fingertips glided around his erect cock but carefully avoided touching him. Her dark eyes sparkled with amusement at his condition. She had on dark purple lipstick and her sensual, bow shaped lips smiled with satisfaction as she watched him pulling ineffectually against the restraints she'd fastened a few moments earlier around his wrists and ankles.

'Okay, now tell me your computer password,' the girl smiled, licking her tongue thoughtfully across her glossy lower lip as she watched the man struggling to free himself.

'I can't tell you that, come on darling, untie me, there's a good girl.'

'Oh, I think you can. With a little encouragement.'

The girl stood up and shimmied out of her silk panties. She picked up the man's discarded tie, forced her panties into his mouth and finished gagging him with the tie.

'When you decide you want to tell me your computer password, just nod. Okay?'

Settling herself between the man's spread-eagled legs she caressed his balls, then removing the ribbon from her ponytail she slipped the silk around his scrotal sac and pulled it tight. The man groaned through the gag, shaking his head in protest, his arms and legs pulling urgently against the bonds that held him stretched out on the bed.

The girl wrapped the silk ribbon several more times around his scrotal sac, drawing it tighter each time until his balls hung swollen and purple below his engorged cock.

'Now, are you ready to tell me your password?' she asked, idly toying with his balls and encouraging them to try to swell further and strain against the ribbon that was bound tightly around them. The man shook his head negatively. With a disappointed sigh the girl delicately picked up the trailing ends of the ribbon. She drew the remaining silk a few more times around his swollen balls, pulling the ends ruthlessly tight each time.

The man groaned, jerking his arms angrily in a futile effort to free himself. He looked up imploringly at her, his engorged cock twitching as she stroked his trussed balls.

Sutherland watched the girl slide from the bed and walk through to the shower. He fast-forwarded the film until the girl emerged, rubbing her damp hair with a towel. Glancing across to where the man lay tethered, she smiled. His cock was now semi-flaccid but his balls hung trussed like overripe figs, swollen and dark purple. When she asked him if he was now ready to tell her his password, he urgently nodded his agreement.

Zoe woke to find herself lying on a bed of cushions in a small, circular room of bare stone walls, with wooden floor and ceiling. There were no doors but an open flight of spiralling stone steps in one corner, going both up and down. Resting her head back on the silk pillows she closed her eyes. After all she had been through she was in no rush to venture from where she lay. Besides, her arms were still bound behind her back and her ankles fastened close against each other. At least they had removed the gag and blindfold.

She tentatively felt behind her and traced her fingers gingerly over her soft curves where she had been beaten so mercilessly. Her fingertips felt between her buttocks and she shivered, remembering how it had felt to have the Guard's Captain forcibly take her. To her surprise and shame, during her ordeal in the interrogation room she'd become deeply aroused. Being tied up and subjected to what they had put her through had given her a feeling of heady sexual gratification and as this truth settled in her mind her cheeks flushed with a mixture of guilt and excitement. As she'd been strapped down on the bench at the beginning she'd felt terrified. The mixture they'd put into her bowels had made the tears stream down her cheeks but something about being subjected even to that, she had found arousing. Her pussy had become wet and aching as the woman had whipped her and by the time the Arab had fucked her, her body was aching for it and she'd come repeatedly while he was using her.

Zoe dozed for a while and tried to think through her situation. The chances were the British Secret Service was actively looking for her. The question was, where was she and more importantly, what could she expect to be subjected to next? She'd survived a few hours of interrogation but had eventually been forced into admitting who she was. Now she knew they would continue to question her until they had answers to all their questions.

After perhaps half an hour of wondering what lay in store for her, she could lie still no longer. Swinging her legs together, she slid herself from the bed of cushions and with her legs constricted by the two anklecuffs that were clipped together she shuffled her way across the room towards an arched window.