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Bought and Sold(5)

By:Tessa Valmur

Through the haze of pain Zoe listened to the woman's boots as she resumed her position some yards behind her. Zoe pulled down with her outstretched arms, the leather cuffs digging into the skin of her wrists, the dull pain needling through her shoulders as she pulled backwards against her bonds.

The woman aimed the next stroke lower than the previous, striking lightly but flicking her wrist in a way that made the very tip of the whip strike between Zoe's legs. Zoe grunted in pain as the whip tip cut against where her flesh was most tender and vulnerable. She pulled her arms against the restraints but all she could achieve was to twist her wrists within the leather cuffs. Another stroke struck across her back, the tip snaking around her ribs to lick, cruelly sharp at her breast.

Zoe felt herself fainting, resting her head on one shoulder she gave herself up to the escape, her arms hanging loosely from where her wrists were held. She couldn't take anymore; this was her body's way of freeing itself she thought to herself dazedly. Then suddenly she was mercilessly jolted back into awareness of what she was being made to suffer. The smell from the little bottle that had been waved under her nose was fiercer than smelling salts. A moment later and she was struck again with the whip. Again she fainted and once again the little bottle was held under her nostrils and she was jolted cruelly into awareness again.

Zoe lifted her head weakly, they'd stopped whipping her but now the man was passing his hand down her ribs then caressing one of her buttocks. She flinched as his finger traced the red lines that had been cut across her tender rump. His hands reaching between her buttocks, his fingertips drew apart the globes of lacerated flesh. When he touched her sex she could feel her own slickness as his fingers stroked her. She sighed through the gag as the touch intensified the ache her body felt there and through the haze of pain she realised that she was actually aching for sexual satisfaction.

'Looking forward to this, bitch?'

Zoe listened to the faint metal rasp of his trouser zip being pulled down.

'You know what's going to happen next don't you? I bet you're aching for it aren't you?'

Zoe shook her head, struggling to deny even to herself the truth that she was desperate for sexual gratification now. All the torment, all the pain, had left her body achingly aroused.

'You want this don't you?' growled the unseen voice.

Pulling weakly with what was left of her strength, the leather chafing her skin, she twisted her arms as she dangled helplessly. She tried again to draw her thighs together but her legs were kept spread and she could feel the man's hand stroking her bare skin, then his fingers were rubbing her pussy, probing her.

'So I was right, you're desperate for it aren't you!' the man laughed, as his fingers slid easily into her sex. Zoe hung her head and sighed through the gag. To her shame it was true; she was wet with arousal from the treatment they'd meted out to her.

She felt the tip of his shaft slide down into the canyon of soft flesh her buttocks formed and then along until it nudged her sex lips apart. Using his hand to guide it, he pushed his shaft up into her young body right to the hilt and she felt his pelvis grind against her scored buttocks. Then he drew back, her slender body convulsed; he pushed in again, harder. Zoe sighed through the gag as her orgasm suddenly overtook her; the exquisite feeling washing through her whole pain racked body. She felt the man forcing himself into her again and again and as a fresh wave of pleasure washed over her, as she abandoned herself to the gratification her body had been crying out for.

The man began driving his cock into her with increased urgency and she became momentarily oblivious to her surroundings, her mind focusing on the extreme pleasure of being used so forcefully. Her body felt awash with the sensation of being controlled and subdued by the ropes and leather restraints. She grunted through the gag each time his cock rammed into her and her stifled cries seem to incense him more and more. Another orgasm shook her tethered body and then she felt the cock ram into her one more time before jerking and throbbing madly as he came deep inside her. His hands gripped her exhausted body and she felt his breath hot against her neck. Dazed, her whole body aching deliciously, she sighed through the gag as waves of exquisite pleasure washed over her.

Chapter Two

The sound of voices woke Zoe. When she tried to swallow to relieve the dryness in her throat she realized that her mouth was still filled by the ball gag which held her jaws painfully apart. She opened her eyes but to her dismay found that she was still enveloped in the darkness of a blindfold. She guessed that she'd been strapped back down onto the bench. She tried moving her arms but they were pinned back above her head again by the wristcuffs that kept her arms spread and taut. Her legs were also bound and for a moment she twisted, testing her restraints. It was hopeless. She sighed, gave up struggling and concentrated instead on listening to the noises around her.

'Pull back the girl's flesh at the side of her mouth here.'

Zoe shook her head, trying to stop them as gloved fingers pulled back the corner of her mouth allowing an opening for the cold, hard plastic of a syringe to slip into her mouth. Zoe tried twisting her head away but hands restrained her, holding her head still as liquid was trickled into her mouth. Fingers pinched her nostrils, stopping her from breathing and forcing her to swallow, though with the ball gag forcing her mouth wide it would have been impossible for her to have spat the liquid out anyway. Reluctantly she gulped and felt the liquid trickle down her throat.

'Let her breathe again, she's swallowed it.'

'How long does it take?'

'A few minutes and she'll be docile enough. She's so slim that with the quantity I've given her she'll probably pass out in a few minutes.'

'Right, untie her. The sooner she's moved from here the better. The British Embassy is starting to ask too many questions.'

'Do you think they've guessed?'

'What does it matter? They can't prove anything and by tomorrow morning she'll be where no-one will ever find her.'

Zoe could feel one of the men stroking her naked body. His hand ran over her flank then her ribs and her stomach. She made a show of struggling then pretended to give up. A moment later she groaned through the gag then let her head slump sideways as if she'd lost consciousness. If she could just keep awake for as much of the journey as possible she might find out more about her abductors and where she was being taken.

She felt the pressure on her arms and legs slacken then several pairs of hands lifted her from the bench. She was laid on the cool stone floor and her arms pulled behind her back. The wristcuffs were then clipped together and a belt was slipped around her arms above her elbows. As the belt was tightly buckled, drawing her arms closely against her back, she felt the drug taking effect. She was only vaguely aware of her legs being bound together as a chemical-induced lethargy overtook her. When she was lowered into a crate though, her head knocked against the side and for a moment she recovered enough of her senses to catch part of the men's conversation.

'Take her back to the tower. No one will disturb you there. I must remain in the capital. You know how to deal with her?'

'I think I've had enough practice now, Major. The Australian girl, the teenage backpacker, she turned out well enough didn't she?'

'She was weak to start with, Sir Rodney. This woman is a trained Secret Service Agent. She will resist your efforts to subdue her will.'

'Don't worry Major, she'll end up like all the others.'

There was a heavy thud above her and Zoe guessed that they'd put a lid on the crate. A second later there was the sound of hammering. Zoe could feel the drug taking its full effect upon her now as she felt herself falling asleep against her will. She twisted her tethered body to try to find a more comfortable position and talked to herself in her mind, reminding herself of her mission and trying to formulate a plan for escape. The heat in the crate was getting worse though and the air was so close and dry it was hard to breathe. She felt the strength slipping from her limbs and then her body slid down until her head was resting on the floor of the crate. She groaned through the ball gag and tried to lift her cheek from the wooden floor of the crate but she had no strength left. Just got to keep awake, she told herself, mustn't fall asleep. Mustn't fall...

'Miss Farquerson, or should we say Miss Chambers, was definitely seen leaving the plane but none of the passengers we've checked with recall seeing her after customs,' the matronly lady swept into the office, a pile of books and papers under one arm, a mobile phone in her other hand.

The gentleman behind the broad, mahogany desk nodded. He took a final glance at the letter before him and just above where was typed, "Edgar R M Sutherland, Director of Foreign Operations, British Secret Service", he signed his name and carefully placed the cap back on his fountain pen.

'I had Stewart speak with their airport security,' she said, 'according to them she passed customs and was last seen getting into one of those unlicensed taxis.'

The woman sat herself down in one of the deep leather armchairs and gazed out of the window. Taxis, buses and cars formed a gridlock stretching down Falmers Street as far as Whitehall.

'Do you believe them?' she asked.

The man snorted contemptuously, standing up from his desk. He straightened his tie and shook his head. He glanced at the dossier in front of him.

'Of course not! It's pretty obvious what's happened. Stonefield has shopped her to the El-Saram security service. That bloody man has been nothing but trouble. Pity we can't just have the SAS grab him and get him on a Hercules back home where he can face the music!'