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Bought and Sold(43)

By:Tessa Valmur

Vanessa emerged from the bathroom, rubbing her damp hair with a white fluffy towel, her tanned body was dripping wet and glowing warm and scented from her bath.

'Someone talking about me?' she asked, tossing the towel aside and lifting the chilled bottle of champagne from a silver ice bucket and refilling her glass. After a day in the capital's most luxurious hotel, the trauma of the last few weeks was already receding.

'Marcus and I were just wondering if you'd like to screw him again, Vanessa?'

'Mmm, love to. Which way this time?' Vanessa asked.

'Which way do you fancy?' the man asked.

'Anyway you like as long as it doesn't involve me being tied up. I've had enough of that for while!' Vanessa shot Zoe a glance and smiled. 'At least for the moment anyway!'

The man rolled over onto his back and looked down at his flaccid cock.

'Perhaps we should take a couple of hours break,' he suggested.

'Maybe later...' Vanessa smiled, taking a large gulp from her champagne. Crouching between the man's legs, without swallowing the fizzing liquid in her mouth, she slipped his cock into her mouth. The man sighed, stroking his fingers through her damp blonde hair. With one hand she caressed his balls and as she let the icy cool champagne bathe his cock she felt it stirring in her mouth, swelling again like something coming to life under her touch.

Zoe slid from the bed and walked bare foot across to the tea tray that had only recently been delivered to their suite of rooms by one of the immaculately liveried hotel staff. It was good to be back in civilisation and enjoying a little luxury once more, she thought. Behind her she heard the man groan appreciatively. She poured herself a cup of tea and carried it back to the bed in time to see Vanessa draw back, releasing the man's cock from her mouth.

'My turn,' she announced.

Taking a mouthful of tea she knelt beside Vanessa and slid her lips down over the now semi-flaccid cock. The man groaned loudly. Zoe drew back and gestured for Vanessa to take a turn. Taking a fresh mouthful of champagne, Vanessa took the cock in her mouth. The man gave an appreciative gasp and when this time Vanessa drew back, his cock was gleaming hard, arousal juice dribbling from its tip.

'Mmm, looks good, come on then,' Vanessa dropped down onto her knees and forearms and thrust her bottom up invitingly. The man didn't need any more encouraging.

Zoe slid from the bed and wandered across to where the champagne rested in its bucket of icy water. Replenishing her glass, she took a sip, savouring the taste and reflecting on how good it felt to be back in control of life. On the bed Vanessa and the man were hard at it and watching them Zoe felt her own arousal quickly building again. The young blonde, her rump thrust obligingly backwards, was grasping the twisted, polished wood pillars of the bedhead with both hands while the man screwed her. Zoe wondered whether she was secretly wishing that her outstretched arms were bound at the wrists to the bed. The delicious sensation of defencelessness served so effectively to heighten such an experience, she well knew and Zoe began to contemplate how she might persuade the man to bind her own wrists, when it was her turn.

Soon, very soon she would be desperate for another fuck and if she was bound and perhaps even whipped first, she knew the experience would be all the sweeter. For the moment though, she was content just to sip her champagne and watch Vanessa having her fun.