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Bought and Sold(3)

By:Tessa Valmur

The two women were plainly enjoying watching her distress and the younger of the two was looking lasciviously at her naked body as she struggled helplessly, her skin now shiny with perspiration. She gazed at the two men, her stomach churning and her heart hammering as she thought about what they might do to her next to make her talk. She could save herself if she agreed to co-operate1/4but then if she refused what might she be made to experience1/4

'Would you like to tell us who you really are now?' asked the Captain as the woman abruptly removed her hand from Zoe's mouth.

She looked anxiously about her. There was no way she could hold out against them if things turned really nasty, but if they were afraid to actually harm her because of the possible political repercussions, then what was the worst thing that they could do to her? She had seen plenty of men being forcibly interrogated become sexually aroused and now she could understand why. There was a heady thrill at the thought of what these people might do to her next that made her reluctant to cave in just yet to their demands.

'Will you talk?'

'No.' Zoe shook her head in denial, reassuring herself that the moment they started to torture her in earnest she'd capitulate and answer their questions. Meantime, she'd see if their interrogation methods were anywhere as imaginative or effective as those the SES had taught her to use.

'She's very stubborn. She deserves to suffer. Gag her,' Mosafa ordered.

The words sounded alarm bells in Zoe's head and she was about to speak when the young female guard clapped her leather gloved hand down over her mouth. Zoe shook her head to pull free but the hand came down tighter.

'Looks like she's got something to say already.'

'No matter. Gag her then we'll soften her up. She shouldn't have been so stubborn in the first place.'

Zoe struggled frantically as the two women prepared to fit the gag. She tried twisting her wrists and thrashing her legs but the leather belts were snugly fastened around her ankles and wrists. One of the women held her thrashing head still, then the other taunted her with the gag, dangling its leather straps so they brushed over the her cheeks. All the time Zoe tried to tell them she'd co-operate but the gloved hand remained firmly across her mouth.

'Once you are wearing this, no-one will hear you, no matter what we do to you.'

Zoe stared in dismay at the ball gag and she tried ineffectually to shake her head free as one gloved hand prised open her jaws. The leather covered rubber ball was forced into her mouth before she could explain that she was ready to answer their questions. Tears rolling down her cheeks, Zoe shook her head as the leather strap, to which the ball was stitched, was buckled at her nape.

'Take her to the shower and clean her. Remove the plug from her arse and give her a water enema. Chloroform her first. I think it's time we give her some more persuasive treatment.'

Zoe watched, wide eyed with alarm, as one of the female guards prepared a cotton wool pad with chloroform then stood over her where she lay strapped down and helpless.

'Sweet dreams English girl...'

She grunted through the ball gag as the cotton wool was placed over her nostrils. Immediately her head swam and giddiness overtook her. Her eyelids closed, she felt herself sliding into darkness and the last thing that she was aware of, were voices matter-of-factly discussing her fate.

'Blindfold her while she is unconscious and not a word about the Englishman, understood?'

Zoe came to as she was being lifted from the shower and dragged across the floor. Her naked body was soaking wet, the butt plug had been removed from her and she felt strangely empty inside. With a jolt of shame she realised that they had given her an enema and she had voided herself in the shower. She groaned in protest but the ball gag made her cry all but inaudible. Her vision was completely obscured by a large blindfold of silk covered leather that was drawn tightly across her cheeks.

She felt too weak to offer any resistance as, once again, broad leather cuffs were fastened around her wrists. Blindfolded she was unaware of the leather straps being attached to each wristcuff then fed through the hooks secured to the ceiling until the straps were pulled taut and her arms were drawn up above her head. The sensation of being blindfolded and treated like this had her heart hammering but as well as that she found now that she was acutely aware of how vulnerable she was sexually. These people could do anything to me, Zoe thought, twisting her body against the pressure that kept her arms above her head and feeling the humid air against her naked skin.

The straps were then pulled down and fastened back to her wrists and by means of belt holes the straps were adjusted until they were taut and Zoe's arms were held at full stretch.

She hung, her arms drawn in opposite directions above her head, gasping what breath she could through her nose. The ball gag completely stopped her breathing through her mouth and combined with the blindfold she felt more exposed that she'd ever felt in her life. She had no way of knowing what would happen next to her and now she'd got the idea in her head that these men and women could do anything to her, she felt herself strangely aroused by the prospect.

She was just getting used to the discomfort of having her arms outstretched when hands grasped her ankles and jerked her legs apart. Leather cuffs were wrapped around each of her ankles and buckled securely. She could sense that it was women doing this to her. She imagined them, kneeling before her, binding her ankles, the men standing watching. She grunted in mild discomfort as her ankles were drawn apart and she heard the sounds of metal clips catching fast. Her guess that they'd fastened her ankles to something was confirmed when she tried ineffectually to draw her legs back together. The effect of having her legs forcibly held spread was to increase the pressure on her outstretched arms above her head and she groaned through the gag in dismay as she realised that she could get no relief from the pain her stretched limbs were suffering.

A hand touched between her legs from behind, fleetingly touching her vulva and making her squirm. To her shame she realised that her pussy was already slick with juice and that her body was responding sexually to the physical treatment she was being subjected to. Blindfolded, her awareness was focused on the sensation of touch and she was acutely aware of the leather restraints that were tight around her wrists and ankles. She could imagine how she must look, naked and struggling. The way her arms and legs were stretched would emphasise how slender and vulnerable her body was. When the hand stroked her again she tried jerking herself away but it was hopeless. She began imagining what they might do to her next, groaning through the gag in fevered anticipation as an arm circled her slim waist holding her still whilst the hand resumed stroking her. She was unable to contain a sigh of pleasure which even through the gag she was sure would have been heard.

'Are you ready yet to co-operate with us?' the Major's voice came out of the darkness, making Zoe shamefully realise that they had guessed how she was feeling. Zoe shook her head, part of her not thinking now about holding back secrets from them but aware that if she continued to refuse to co-operate, they would continue... she was already too aroused to be able to be able to resist...

There was a moment's silence, then the man's voice. What he said made her heart sink.

'Bind her breasts with cord.'

Soon Zoe was twisting and writhing as one of the female guards restrained her and she felt the other slip a noose of fine cord around her right breast. Zoe pleaded for them to stop but the only sound to emerge from the ball gag was as muffled sigh. A soft girl's hand held her breast, drawing it away from her chest while a noose of fine cord was slipped snugly over it and drawn tight.

'The cords are silk so they won't burn or mark your delicate skin. There will be no evidence of this.'

Zoe felt the cord tightening, tears pricking her eyes, she twisted her body frantically in an attempt to escape. She felt the cord biting tightly around her breast and she hung her head back, crying through the gag. Her protest though was all but inaudible and the cord was bound repeatedly around the soft orb.

When the two women had finished, Zoe could only imagine how her firm and shapely 34C breast must now look. She could feel the soft flesh, trapped and swollen as it hung gathered and bound. The sensation was too much... how tight had they bound the cord? Her fevered imagination pictured her generous breast now as a cone of swollen purple, bulging out from the mercilessly tightly bound cord. But, how could she tell, she was blindfolded. All she could do was to experience the sensation and to her shame that brought with it an arousal in her body, an ache between her legs, which the more she thought about, the more she felt. They had her trapped by more than ropes around her limbs, she realised with dismay: the more she imagined her torturers watching her body, seeing how aroused she was becoming the more aroused she felt.

Zoe shook her head frantically as the two women now set to work on her other breast. By the time they had finished she was choking back the tears and this time when the man asked her if she was ready to co-operate she nearly nodded her agreement. She thought of all she had been taught and all the expectations that had been placed upon her. She couldn't tell them. She had to hold out until they grew tired of questioning her. Wondering what they might do to her next, she again shook her head. The man laughed softly and she felt him touch one of her trapped breasts, squeezing it until she shook herself free.