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Bad Boy’s Baby(6)

By:Sosie Frost

I saw red. I’d never count to ten without exploding, so I tried in different languages, only making it to tres, trois, and drei before Jolene freaked out.

“You’re…you’re dating Leah?” She squealed.


“Yes, ma’am. I’m head over heels for her.”

No, no, no!

I didn’t have the air left in my lungs after that gut punch. I stared at him, dumbfounded, trying to figure out how to scream without any breath.

“We’ve been keeping it quiet.” Jack looked too goddamned proud of himself. “You know how she is. Leah would rather put someone else in the spotlight. I think she cares about my career as much as she cares about me. She’s got a big heart. That’s what drew me to her in the first place.”

I’d kill him. I’d absolutely, positively kill him.

Was he trying to give me a stroke? Or get me fired? I denied his advances, but that was no reason to destroy my career! He was a lunatic!

Oh, sweet baby Jesus, he lied to the league president.

Frank’s voice hollowed. “You, Jack Carson, are in a committed relationship with your publicist?”

Jack wagged his eyebrows at me. I’d smack that smug grin off his face. “We wanted to keep it low-profile, but, with all the talk of running me out of the league, I’m sure Leah won’t mind vouching for me—her loving boyfriend and biggest client.”

He used the PR firm against me. He knew how much I needed him as a client to advance my career!

This wasn’t happening. I couldn’t pretend to be in a relationship with a cocky, playboy like Jack. No self-respecting woman would ever admit to being his girlfriend. Jack was nothing more than a woman’s naughtiest fantasy. No future. No promises. No family. No anything besides a night of pure sex and a regretted mistake for notching on his bedpost.

Jack insulted me, tried to ruin my reputation, and would destroy me to save his own ass.

Except…he was right. He was our biggest client. And he paid us a lot of money.

Jolene’s crush gave me the lead on everything. I headed most of his interviews, organized his media exposure, and called for his sponsorships. Another year or two of working at this level, and she’d promote me to partner.

My dream job…all at the whim of a man who kept his brain zipped up tight in his pants.

If he lost his job, I’d lose an opportunity to build my own career.

I’d heard of women sleeping with their bosses to get to the top, but faking sleeping with someone? That was just as distasteful. Especially since I was the one woman in a tri-county radius not sleeping with Jack Carson!

No way was Frank going to buy this once I leapt across the table and choked the life out of that arrogant son of a bitch.

But I wanted my job as badly as Jack wanted his.

He grinned in excitement, loving the game almost as much as his new chew toy. I didn’t have time to think of an excuse, and I couldn’t imagine any other way to dissuade Frank Bennett from expelling Jack from the league.

Pop the damn champagne. Apparently I was dating the hottest, most depraved bachelor in the league.

“It’s…true.” My voice wavered. God, I hoped becoming partner in the firm was worth all this. “We’re, uh, very…happy.”

Finn’s mouth dropped open. “I don’t believe it! Leah, you’re such a…nice girl!”

Jack crossed his arms behind his head. He knew he got off with absolutely no consequence.

Lucky for him.

What the hell did it mean for me?

“That’s the reason I wanted to keep our love on the DL,” he said. “A good girl like Leah, caught with a rogue like me? That’s a scandal. But I guess it was bound to come out sooner or later, right, Kiss?”

I gritted my teeth. “Right.”

He enjoyed watching me squirm. “Guess we’ll have to go public. Don’t worry.” He flexed again, intentionally, knowing I studied every inch of his sculpted biceps. “The media will eat this up.”

Yeah, that’s what I was afraid of. Jack grinned, and I wished it didn’t warm me from the inside out.

“It’s time for the world to meet the lucky girl who belongs to the one-and-only Jack Carson.”

Chapter Three - Leah

Oh, this wouldn’t work.

His girlfriend? The idea was insane. He was insane.

That had to be it. Jack Carson wasn’t just a playboy trouble-maker brandishing muscles, tattoos, and indecent one-night stands. He was certifiably crazy. A meat-head that went rancid and decided to spoil my life too.

The meeting ended. I didn’t move, didn’t even offer my long-term, committed boyfriend a kiss before he strolled out of my office without even a slap to his wrist.

Though he slapped my ass on the way out the door.

His girlfriend?

Of all the idiotic, ill-conceived plans…

Jack came out looking like a damn martyr by protecting his girlfriend from the public eye. Not only did it give him cause to refute the allegations of his womanizing, now he had my word to say he was an honest and responsible man. Frank Bennett might have swallowed his own tongue by the end of the call, but his displeasure was as evident as the condom imprint in Jack’s back pocket.

This was more than a mess, worse than spaghetti on a white carpet or skirt tucked into pantyhose.

Except, for the first time, I was the one causing the problems.

“Leah.” Jolene called from her office doorway. “Can I have a moment with you in private?”


“Be right there.” I gathered my laptop and paperwork, pretending the tremble of my fingers was a result of my newly exposed relationship and not the peak of my blood-pressure before I stroked out.

For all I knew, Jolene planned to fire my ass on the spot. We never had a conversation about sleeping with our most expensive, temperamental, and important client, but something told me it wasn’t acceptable behavior. I wasn’t dating Jack Carson. Hell, it took me a year to even consider seeing another man after I left Wyatt. I didn’t have enough coffee to deal with this disaster.

But this was one hell of a PR masterpiece, something I never would have thought to do. Tame Jack Carson with rumors of a real, committed relationship? Let him look dependable and controlled?

If only his chosen girlfriend wasn’t me.

The only relationship I wanted with Jack was strictly professional—preferably separated by multiple layers of clothing, a couple miles of distance, and a bad cell connection.

Jolene waited at her door. I took the seat opposite her desk. Her heels clicked as she paced the room.

I earned forty grand a year, but I had the possibility for six figures once I made partner. I was promised a company car. Fancy parties. Jet-setting around the world. This job was everything I ever wanted.

And now it was ruined because of a wild, bad boy quarterback who wasn’t satisfied tormenting me in the office. He wanted me to go down with him.

Or go down on him.

Absolutely not.

Jack Carson was trouble, bundled in the body of a Greek god with a flashy smile and bandit blue eyes. Anytime he gave me butterflies, I got out the wasp spray.

“Leah…” Jolene took her chair with a sigh. “I had no idea you and Jack were a…couple.”

Yep, it was a big surprise to me too. The truth settled like a thick lump in my stomach, pitted next to my courage which hid under what remained of my pride. I needed to fess up. I wasn’t dating Jack. I wasn’t anything with Jack.

But I froze.

God...if Jolene knew we lied to the league?

PR wasn’t about lying, it was spin. I highlighted the positive aspects of Jack’s life, all the facts the public found more tolerable than his harem of woman, collection of speeding tickets, and out-of-court settlements for fist-fights.

If she knew I lied, I’d be out of her company quicker than Jack could run the forty, that was for sure.

Jolene stared at me, slouching despite her jacket’s shoulder pads. “Leah, I can’t see you and Jack Carson as a…I mean, he’s got such a reputation. And you…”

I bit my lip. “What about me?”

“After Wyatt broke your heart, you didn’t let anyone else get close…” Jolene watched as I awkwardly shifted. She apologized. “Not my place, I know. But Leah, I took you under my wing. You are the next me. I see these things.”

“This has nothing to do with Wyatt.”

“It’s just, after what he did, I couldn’t imagine you dating a man like Jack, someone who seems…”

Lord. “It…it certainly wasn’t planned.”

“Of course. Right. Working with someone this closely was bound to create a spark.”

Oh, Jack was fanning some flames now—hellfire, mostly. “Jack always was a special case.”

“That’s the truth.” Jolene stirred her coffee—brewed extra strong for the times when the crises hit harder than linebackers. “I guess we should have a talk about interoffice conduct and relations with clients.”

“Really, I don’t think that’s necessary—”

“I’ve never specifically prohibited these types of relationships.”

“Jolene, I swear. You won’t notice a difference in my quality of work. Nothing has changed about my commitment to our clients, including Jack.” I hesitated. “I doubt you even noticed anything was unusual.”

“You’re right. I didn’t know you two were dating.” Jolene laughed. “You’ve always been the epitome of professional, Leah. But, when I hired you as my assistant, I did it because you could handle the responsibilities and sensitive nature of our work. We are to remain invisible. We aren’t the story; our clients are the ones in the spotlight.”