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By:L. A. Casey

“Ahhh,” Kane sighed. “The good ol’ days.”

I covered my mouth so they wouldn’t hear me giggle. With a smile, I walked backwards a few steps and that made a little stomp sound which sent the sitting room into dead silence. I wiped the smile off my face as I walked into the room, raising my eyebrows when I found all eyes on me.

“Are you all okay?”

They nodded, but didn’t reply to my question.

“Are you sure?”

Again, they mutely nodded their heads.

I eyed them and said, “Okaaaay.”

I walked over to the sofa and took the free space next to Alec. He absentmindedly put his arm around my shoulders, so I nestled into his side and watched as the others played their football game and chatted amongst themselves.

“Alec,” I murmured.

He glanced down at me. “Hmm?”

“Do you still think Matt Bomer is hot?”

He snorted. “Yeah, why?”

I shrugged. “I thought Keela might block out all the good looking dick holders of the world.”

Alec burst out into laughter, and even Kane—who was close to us—laughed.

“I’m not blind, darling, just too in love to notice anyone else.”

My heart melted.

“You’re strictly a female worshipper now?”

“I’m strictly a Keela worshipper now.”

I smiled. “When did you know you were bi?”

“I’ve always known.”


He nodded.

“I was never straight and I was never gay, I have always been bi-sexual. I just happened to have slept with more men than woman. I mean, it’s not like I flipped a switch and decided its dick o’clock for the next six hours then it’s pussy time. I liked who I liked, regardless of gender.”

Alec’s brothers laughed, but I was too into the conversation to crack a smile.

“And now?” I questioned.

“And now I don’t see anyone but Keela. No man, no woman, just her.”

I beamed. “That’s so sweet.”

Kane chortled. “Alec isn’t sweet.”

“I beg to differ,” I shot back. “He is very sweet.”

Alec pounded his closed fist against his chest. “Don’t hate, bro, embrace that your girl thinks I’m so... sweet.”

Kane tried to get up so he could hit Alec, but I held Kane in place with my legs and sprawled over the sweet human as I stopped the impending fight.

“Leave him be!” I shouted.

“He is referring to something sexual!”

I rolled my eyes. “How do you know that?”

“Because he is my brother and I know him.”

I leaned my head back and looked up to Alec. “Are you tryin’ to piss him off?”

Alec shrugged, a knowing grin playing on his lips. “I’m bored, baiting him amuses me.”


“Don’t fight,” I groaned and turned into Kane’s body. “I’m too pregnant to try to stop it.”

Kane placed his hand on my hip. “Why don’t you go to bed?”

“Because if I sleep now then I’ll be awake all night.”

Nico scoffed from across the room. “Go into labour and get the brat out then.”

I snickered, “I can’t just go into labour. It will happen when it happens. I’ve two weeks left until me due date anyway, and it’s very common to go overdue... up to two weeks over, now that I think of it.”

“Oh, my God,” Alec gasped with a hand placed dramatically over his chest. “We can’t wait that long. Eight and a half months is long enough!”

Tell me about it.

“What helps induce labour?” Nico curiously asked.

I shrugged. “Long walks, spicy food, herbal teas, sex—”

“Do that!” Alec cut me off.

I snorted. “I would, but Kane won’t have sex with me.”

“What?” Alec and Nico asked in unison then looked at their brother with a mixture of shock and disgust.

Ryder and Damien looked at him with disbelieving eyes, too.

“Don’t you pricks judge me,” Kane snapped and pointed his index finger at them. “You try having sex with your girl when she is close to birthing a child. I’m fucking terrified I’ll bump his head or something... he is so low. He has a secure hold of her pussy now. It’s literally off limits. I just... I can’t touch her like that. That’s my kid’s mom!”

I rolled my eyes having heard this excuse a billion times over the last week and a half.

“Is it weird that I’m picturing what Aideen’s pussy looks like now?” Nico muttered aloud.

I gasped. “Yes, you pervert!”

“Don’t blame me,” Nico stated and looked at Kane, “he brought your pussy into it.”

The word pussy was starting to sound weird to me.

I held my hands in the air. “Let’s just stop talking about me vagina, okay? Brilliant.”

A veil of silence fell upon the room until Alec opened his mouth.

“I’ll do it if Kane won’t.”


I looked at Alec with a raised eyebrow. “Are you offerin’ to have sex with me?”

“Yes,” Alec replied without hesitation. “I really want you to have my nephew... I’m willing to do anything to help bring on labour.”

Was it weird that my first reaction was to defend the gender of my unborn child as female instead of rejecting my boyfriend’s brother’s offer to bed me?

“Five seconds.”

I blinked when Kane’s voice got my attention. His body was no longer under my legs. I looked up and found Kane, who was now standing over Alec like an animal ready to attack.

Alec leaned as far back into the sofa as he possibly could. “Bro, I’m trying to help-”

“Three seconds.”

“Oh, come on, this is a sweet gesture when you-”

“One second.”

Alec jumped to his feet and exited my apartment shouting, “At least think about it,” as he ran.

“I’ve never seen him move so fast in my life.” Nico snickered. “It’s like he caught a glimpse of the Magic Mike cast and took off after them.”

I burst into unexpected laughter and laughed so hard I thought a little pee came out.

“I. Love. Your. Brothers.”

Kane looked from the sitting room door to a laughing Nico, Damien and Ryder and grunted, “I hate the bastards.”

“Shut. Up!” Female voices screamed over one another.

I covered my ears and laughed.

My left hand was snatched away from my ear as Bronagh pulled it up to her face and inspected my killer engagement ring.

“It’s gorgeous,” she gushed.

Keela and Branna huddled closer and gushed over the ring, too.

“How did he ask?” Keela squealed. “And when?”

I had a massive smile on my face as I told them how Kane proposed and what he said and did whilst proposing. Each of the girls clutched their chest and sighed dreamily.

“I love your fiancé,” Keela giggled, emphasising the word.

I chuckled. “Yeah, he’s a bit of all right.”

“Is it goin’ to be a forever engagement like mine, or a quick one?” Branna asked. Her eyes were on me, but her mind was clearly elsewhere.

I hesitated and said, “Sooner rather than later, I think. He wants to get pregnant again right after the baby is born so all our kids are close in age. I don’t want to be whale sized in my dress, so sooner. Definitely sooner.”

Keela’s jaw dropped. “What? How many children does he want?”

“Five,” I replied.

Bronagh gasped. “Dominic wants five, too.”

I looked between the girls and blinked. “They all want five?”

Keela held up her finger and plucked her phone from her pocket, tapped the screen, put the phone on speaker and held it face up in her palm as the ring tone sounded.

“Kitten,” Alec’s voice purred through the speaker only a few seconds later.

Keela smiled. “I’ve a question for you.”


“When we do eventually have kids, how many do you want?”

“Five,” Alec instantly replied.

I stared at the phone.

“Why five?” Keela asked.

“Because I come from five... it’s a thing me and my brothers have always liked. If we were to have kids, we’d all like five.”

“Okay, thanks, babe. Talk to you later.”

Keela hung up before Alec could say another word.

“Five fuckin’ kids each.”

“That’s twenty Slater children if we all meet the quota,” Branna mused. “Twenty-five when Damien eventually settles down.”

I blew out a large breath. “Our poor fuckin’ fannies.”

We burst into a fit of laughter.

“So, I heard Alec grumbling about Kane not appreciatin’ him eariler,” Keela said to me with a raised eyebrow when our laughter subsided. “You know what that is all about?”

I laughed. “Yeah, I do.”

“Do tell,” Bronagh said as she ate a chocolate bar and leaned on the counter in Branna, Ryder, and Damien’s kitchen. I came over with Kane so he could spar with Nico and lift weights with Alec. Bronagh and Keela tagged along with them so we were having a girly chat while they worked out.

“Earlier, in me apartment, Nico was askin’ what would help me go into labour. Naturally, I listed the things that are supposed to help, but the lads zeroed in on one act in particular.”